1st day of Work with a functional Kidney and 1st day of 5th Grade.



August 8th, Today was A HUGE DAY FOR ME. I went back to work with the kids with a functional kidney and my son started 5th grade. Why is it so HUGE because K-4th I was very sick. BUT TODAY were all smiles!  He had a mom that was up at 5 a.m. making him breakfast and covering him in prayer. SECOND CHANCES for both of us. He has had it rough in elementary and his behavior was not always on point and he struggle alot. He grew up watching me have great days, bad days , several surgeries, not knowing if I would die, did I make it through dialysis treatment ( he often snook to the bathroom at school to call me from his cell phone to see if I was okay). He learned to get his self ready for school at an early age ( dads dont dress you like Mom does) because I was at treatment or I just couldn’t get  up out the bed. We always had everything laid out and ready for school especially on treatments days (lunches, snacks, homework and back pack).  He knew to wake me up so I could hug him, see what he had on, say a prayer and waddle to the door  to see him off so the neighbor across the street could take him to school with her children. This was our routine for the past  four years.

It has been years  that I didn’t have to do dialysis before going to work day AND I WAS EXCITED and READY to embrace this blessing.  I use to get up at 3:30 A.M. for 4:30 treatment in a city that was 35 minutes away to get cleaned for almost 4 hours drive home tired and rush to rest /sleep for 1 before going to work to keep the kiddos safe. No one knew at work. So going to work feeling like a million bucks knowing I was able to drink water during this heat wave, have energy, and no treatment was too much for me to contain.  I was smiling all day even in the heat😆  Previous years I would pray for cooler weather, pack cups of ice,  muster up the little bit of energy I had left from dialysis and try to stay in the shaded areas as much as possible while  protecting the students. Keeping the campus safe and being  accessible at ALL times was my daily goal. It wasn’t easy but the kids gave me life, a reason and PURPOSE. I focused on them instead of my condition and how bad I really felt. They needed me as much as I needed them to survive through the day.

My dialysis center as well as  my nurses were shocked that I would even attempt to work on dialysis in the heat without water because watching  my fluids was crucial to my health. If healthy people would become easily dehydrated and have heat strokes how and why did I put myself thorough it👀 !

How did I make it you ask?

By the GRACE OF GOD , Sugar free popsicles and ice.

This year, I went to work with my ice, Innutra products( Fuel, Burn and Nourish )and I was ready to take  the day  head on, even if it was 104 degrees outside.

Well with over 1200 middle school students, absent employees and vacancies (What a way to put  my transplanted kidney to the test)  I DID IT!!!

By the time I made it home all I wanted was my couch air conditioning and my refreshing  NOURISH drink. My daddy called me and said “How did that kidney do today Wonder Woman”…The kidney did fine Dad, it was my ankles and feet that were fatigued. I thought by me staying active all summer would prepare me for my Big RETURN…NOT!!!

My feet 👣and ankles were not ready😂😂😂😂 BUT I did it and I looked good doing it.


Let’s see how we do next week.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Enjoy your day and remember too smile😆.

“Working to help change and saves lives 1 pound at at time”




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  1. Lisa Waller Reply

    The most amazing thing about this is: YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW IT TO LOOK AT MS ROZ!! She radiates energy, enthusiasm, and and positivity. All I know is that on my contacts in my cell phone it says, “Ms Roz, Angel on Earth” ❣️

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