6 month Kidney Transplant follow up

Just made it back… Two days of driving. Yesterday was my lab work up and today I received the results. I cant believe I have been off dialysis for 6 months after  6.5 years of treatments. The freedom I forgot about while on dialysis.  The ABILITY to get up and go and not have to plan treatments at Kidney centers.  The freedom to drink water and enjoy fruit when it is hot. The fluid restriction alone on dialysis would  make you  not want to go anywhere, 32 ozs of fluid is not a lot when you  have to include hidden fluid in foods. How thankful and blessed  I am that my Donor Dannia gave me her spare. My second chance at a better QUALITY OF LIFE. Dialysis is definitely a life changer and I am thankful that the dialysis machine cleaned the toxins out my blood, removed fluids from my body, and kept me Alive. Did you know that a missed treatment could mean being admitted into the hospital or possibly dying? I never missed a treatment and thank God I never had to be sent to the hospital for complications. So today I reflect and humble myself. I am a better person, I am a stronger person  working harder to be a better HUMAN.

Okay back to the Doctor’s report.

Well today my Kidney doctor said everything is looking great No SIGNS OF REJECTION. My creatinine levels are starting to look stable and next visit he will be able to take me off one medication (my wallet is happy). Once I am off the medication and my levels lower, my water retention won’t be as much… (Insert Happy Dance).

My  goals this week are to get in a couple of workouts at the Studio by Innutra in Temecula CA, watch my sodium intake and lose 3 pounds. I walk every day  low carb, count calories and of course take my Innutra products. I definitly feel better and more energized  with me taking my nourish twice a day and my kidney loves it! I will Continue to work on building muscle, getting  stronger and peeing 😂 (on dialysis your Urine output  usually lessens tremendously and in my case stopped)…so we are happy FOR PEE😆 around my house with my new kidney.

Thank you for your support TeamRoz💚💜💚💜


🙏Lord I praise you and I thank you for keeping your promise The Scripture says Faith of a mustard seed moves mountains. You told me to walk in FAITH, and you would fight my battles.
I give you all the glory and praise. Without you I AM NOTHING!

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