The Journey Begins

IMG_20180614_212033Thanks for joining me!

My weight loss journey began in 2014 when I was denied on the kidney transplant list. With over 6 donors offering to save my life I was denied due to my weight. What a concept  I had 6 people trying to help me live and I am going to die because I couldn’the stop eating! REALITY CHECK👊 It was time for a change but HOW? Healthy people can’t even lose weight,  how will I be able to lose 250 pounds to get listed. So I began researching and I found the low carb diet. I ask my nutritionists at the dialysis center and they were skeptical but supportive as long as I didn’t stay in ketosis for long periods of time. So immediately I began. My income was limited no longer working full time and on social security I had to find a way to make it work. I ate tuna, cucumbers, chicken, eggs and salads for months. I couldn’t walk to well and wasn’t too strong so I walked drive way to drive way and took seniors citizen classes. I figured I wouldn’t get laughed at or stared at with old people.  Eventually, I enrolled in a gym and took the water aerobics classes again with the old people . In my mind, how could they stare and laugh at my fat body in a swimsuit when they were all wrinkled and saggy in a bathing suit. We all needed towels😂😂.

I continued and lost 100 pounds. I was so excited and told my Kidney doctor who said good job but not enough to get on the list lose more. However, he did say I had lost enough to do home dialysis ( peritoneal dialysis).

I declined. I was too young to have tubing coming from my stomach with a young baby and husband at home. What would he say? Pretty vain I know but after all I was still a young woman, and even though I was fat I was still cute. The doctors said in all his career he never met anyone on dialysis that lost more than 50 to 80 pounds. Although he was impressed he was still doubtful I would be a good candidate. The longer you’re on dialysis your body begins to fail you, other health issues can occur since it is so hard on your body. Still low carbing, still exercising, trying to limit fluids so I could get extra fluid taken off of me to see my real weight, it’s was tough. Years with by ups and downs, on the journey off the journey,  disappointments, life events, and health issues (needing hernia surgery) it seemed like I would never get there.  Finally I had come as far as I could on my own. I copied trainers in the gym when they trained their clients, I asked questions,  given some great advice and some really bad advice that hendered and slow my journey down. I needed help. I was at a panic. Six and half years of treatment I could no longer do it on my own. All Natural, no supplements, and no surgery.  I reached out to a long time friend who I heard was involved in weight loss. So I had to share my hidden secret, I had to tell someone.

Jim Ayers the founder and CEO of INNUTRA said Roz, my wife Jennifer and I  will do whatever we can to help you get on the kidney transplant list. So he gave me a few products to take to my Doctors and my dieticians. I left in better spirits to have gotten the secret off my chest but very doubtful that I could take the Products.  What Jim didn’t know was I had taking several other products and everything was Denied. So at my next treatment, I dropped off the bags on my dietitian desk and said “yeah, yeah” I know but just look at it and see if I can take any of it. I promise by the time I was hooked up ( needles in my arm) she came and asked me where did you get this? I was thinking old Lord here she comes the lecture. She said this is very good you can take the protein and the Nourish. Do you think you could  get me some samples…👀 Whut! Whut! Why Yes I can 😆 Wow! Is this really happening , she gave me the okay, now for my Kidney Doctor to agree. Just my luck he would say no. Two days later she gave me the products back at it was a GO! I almost fell out my seat. I couldn’t wait to tell Jim and better yet begin my new journey.

So it began,  I continued to low carb. Walk, exercise and now taking my INNUTRA PRODUCTS. The protein was so good it taste Vanilla like a milk shake/malt and the Nourish was delicious and gave me the necessary energy needed to get through a day after dialysis.




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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